We went to Philbrook on the evening of the Garden Glow.  (It’s a free event. If you missed it this year, you shouldn’t miss it next year. Free Festive Family Fun.)

We briefly surveyed the Festival of the Trees, and we didn’t find one that we were seriously impressed with. Some are quite creative though. We trooped out to the gardens to see the lights.

My camera doesn’t do them justice at all… even with some help from iPhoto.  The boys found a craft table and made some peanut butter – pinecone bird feeders to hang in a garden tree. Then we went inside to see what else was prepared for their entertainment.

They made foam gingerbread people ornaments

They chose very carefully the items to decorate their people.

They worked for about a half an hour.

Here is Drew’s traditional gingerbread man.  He looks like the guy in the picture book that we have.

Here is Nate’s minimalist girl

And here is Davy’s with buttons everywhere and very creative hair. From there we looked at gingerbread houses and headed for home.

756. a night out with the family

757. these smiles

758. the lovely lights

759. running into cousins there, unexpectedly

760. finding a friend’s hat and being able to return it to her.  Kind of funny to be an answer to prayer.